August 7, 2015

Vintage Fountain Pens


One of a few vices that I have (or is it a hobby?) is that I buy, restore, and sell vintage fountain pens from my own private collection. I have a website at Triumph Vintage Pens.  I also sell on Ebay where my handle is “TriumphVintagePens” but it’s cheaper to get them from the website or from me personally.  If you don’t find what you want on the site or on EBay, send me a message – I probably have it, particularly if it’s a Parker.  I also have a blog about fountain pens and a YouTube channel as well.  Check them out. [espro-slider id=133]


I’m also very active on the Fountain Pen Network, which is probably the largest internet forum in the world dedicated to fountain pens and other related things. My handle there is “GAtkins.”  If you’re in to fountain pens you should really check it out.  If you’re not in to fountain pens, well, you should be!  There are people there from all over the world that have a tremendous amount of knowledge. Triumph Vintage Pens is a proud Sponsor Level Member of the Pen Collectors Of America and a Member of The Writing Equipment Society.  Here is some other cool pen organizations of which we are members.


Also, be sure to join the conversation over at PenTrace.  Giovanni Abrate is sort of the lead guy over there and is fantastic gentleman.  He also owns a North American pen distributor called Heritage and Style. Some magazines about fountain pens include Pen World, lots of eye candy there, the Pennant from the PCA, and The Fountain Pen Journal, from esteemed collector Paul Erano.  He’s also one of big muckety-mucks over at the top secret Black Pen Society. If modern fountain pens are your thing, there is no better person/place than Brian Goulet at  Goulet Pens.


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